menstrual cycle awareness coach

let's take the stress out of pms

You’re a week away from your period and suddenly you’re anxious for no reason, you’re beating yourself up that you’re a terrible parent and you’re second guessing your relationship.

“Where did this come from? Why do I feel like this? I was fine last week. Am I crazy?”

People with periods make up half of the population, and yet – when it comes to your menstrual cycle – nobody ever taught you how to deal with the emotional rollercoaster you go on every month.

I’m here to teach you, to guide you and to support you.

Go With Your Flow

The eBook every person with a period wishes they’d read sooner.

Cycle Tracking Journal

A physical journal to help you on your cycle syncing journey.

Online Workshops -Coming Soon

Live, online workshops to help you get to grips with your cycle .

the menstrual cycle quiz

Each phase of your menstrual cycle can tell you something different about yourself. Not sure what phase you’re in?

menstrual cycle awareness coach

hello pal!

I’m Cherrelle;

Say it like SHA-Rell – don’t worry, nobody gets it right the first time.

You can think of me as your menstrual mentor. I teach people with periods how to understand their hormones and navigate the emotional ups and downs of their cycle.

I don’t feel crazy any more! I understand how my mood and energy levels are being affected by my cycle and can pre-empt every coming “season” to make my life less stressful.

– sam

how can I

help you?

As a woman diagnosed with PMDD, I know what havoc your hormones can wreak on your life. The angry outbursts and mood swings that come with being premenstrual affect everything from your relationships, your parenting style and your self confidence.

By learning how my hormones worked and putting strategies in place to support my emotional needs, I no longer turn into a hormonal rage monster when it comes to “hell week” . The things I have learned along this journey have been nothing short of life-changing and I’m here to show you exactly how to do it too.

Cherrelle Slaney, period and menstrual cycle educator sits on a bed with her chin rested on her hands.