Cherrelle Slaney holds an Intimina Ziggy Cup in her hand.

Everything You Need To Know About The Ziggy Cup Menstrual Disc

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If you’re an avid menstrual cup user, you might be confused when you first see the Ziggy cup. In fact, it doesn’t look like a cup at all. So what is this oddly shaped period device?


The Ziggy cup is a flat-fit menstrual cup. It works similarly to a regular menstrual cup in that it sits inside the vagina to collect your period fluid. However the shape is vastly different from what you might expect when you think of a menstrual cup.


In fact, it’s not really a cup at all. Although it’s called a “flat-fit menstrual cup”, another (and in my opinion better) term for this type of product is “menstrual disc”. These terms are used interchangeably. So, flat-fit menstrual cup = menstrual disc.


The Ziggy cup is made by a company called Intimina. It retails for around £35 making it slightly more expensive than a menstrual cup, but it is competitively priced in relation to other menstrual discs on the market. I personally think it is well worth the price tag. Keep reading to find out why…


One thing I love about their products is the carrying cases they come with. The Ziggy comes with a silicone pouch for storage. Similarly their Lily Cup folds down into a simple, discreet carrying case. Ideal for throwing into your handbag.


One thing that struck me about the Ziggy cup is how thin the base is. I mean, it’s like paper. It’s seriously thin. I was worried I might just tear my finger straight through it. I can confirm though, after several uses, It’s definitely stronger than it feels.

Where does a menstrual disc go?

Now, I was in no way involved with the designing of this cup, but I am willing to take a pretty good guess at why that bottom is so paper thin. Comfort – and not just your own comfort. You might not be the only person feeling the Ziggy cup while it’s in use. The Ziggy cup is different from a regular cup in that you can wear it during sex. Yes, Intimina boldly claim that the Ziggy is ideal for “mess-free period sex”.


It sits in a different place from a regular cup which is what allows for penetrative sex whilst wearing. Rather than sitting low down in the vagina, a menstrual disc sits much higher up. It really doesn’t take up much room at all in your vaginal canal.


The Ziggy should sit right near the base of your cervix. There’s no suction to keep it in place like you would get with a regular cup. It stays in place by tucking just behind your pubic bone. Yes – I realise that sounds daunting and that you have absolutely no bloody idea what or where your pubic bone is. I had the same reservations, but actually, it’s incredibly easy to insert.

Inserting the Menstrual Disc

If you’re used to inserting a menstrual cup, you’ll know there are several ways to do it. With a menstrual disc there is no fiddly folding to do. You simply pinch the disc in the centre and insert. This is the only way to fold your disc, in comparison to the many ways of folding a menstrual cup. It might take you a couple of tries to get the angle right, but you just keep sliding it upwards until you reach your pubic bone.


I find it hard to explain where your pubic bone is, but you’ll be able to feel when the disc tucks in behind it. This is what keeps it securely in place.


As with all things, practice makes perfect. You might not get it right the first time. The more you practice the easier it will become. You might find a little water based lube helps get it into place. I always keep lube in the bathroom for inserting my cups. It just helps to make life that little bit easier.


I definitely did not insert the Ziggy disc correctly the first time I used it. It leaked and I got really bad cramping. Ultimately, it was a bit of a disaster. In the name of menstruators everywhere, I soldiered on. I’m onto my second period using a disc now and I definitely feel like I’ve got the hang of it.


While getting the disc in was easier than I had expected, getting it out is like a whole other ball game. The Ziggy cup does not have a stem or string, so removal of the disc must be done manually. This means getting your hands dirty (literally) and fishing around in your foofoo until you find it.


This can feel a bit daunting. especially since it sits high up near the cervix. It’s obviously not an impossible task, but definitely something worth considering if you’re used to removing a cup with a stem.


Another thing to consider with a menstrual disc is that the sides are low. Unlike a regular funnel shaped cup, a menstrual disc is more prone to spilling upon removal. I have read several articles recommending that you remove the disc in the shower so you can wash up right away.


I’m not sure how convenient this would be in reality. While the disc boasts a high fluid capacity (well over double that of some menstrual cups) I actually found it needed emptying more often than a cup. I don’t know about you, but it would take up a huge portion of my day to jump in the shower every few hours to empty my disc. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sex On Your Period?

While the menstrual disc might not seem as wonderful as it’s cup shaped counterparts, the one selling point that makes it stand out is that promise of mess-free period sex. That’s right, you can have sex during your period – without the mess! Because we all want a little of that in our lives, right?! I honestly thought it sounded too good to be true – so I tried it out.

The mess-free period sex I had expected wasn‘t entirely mess-free, but I think this was down to user error. I switched out my Mooncup for the Ziggy just a few minutes before we got down to it. Because of the different placement of these two cups, I think there was some residual blood in the vaginal canal which was too low down for the Ziggy cup to catch (remember the Ziggy sits high up in the vagina).

Obviously gravity does it’s thing and the only way for that blood to go is down. Had I been going about my day, that residue would have ended up in my panties. Since I was jumping straight into bed with my other half, it ended up on the sheets.

That said, during intercourse the Ziggy did not move. At all! Neither one of us could feel it which I thought was a little worrying. I was convinced it had fallen out and that it was probably rolling around somewhere in our bedsheets. I was wrong.

Once all was said and done, I checked on the placement of the Ziggy. Still 100% in place. The amount of mess we did have was very minimal. And when it came to emptying, the underside of the disc was completely clean, telling me there had been no leaks.

I am certain that, had I given myself a little more time after changing from Mooncup to Ziggy, there would have been no mess at all. I will update this blog post once I’ve had the chance to try it out again, but so far I’m quite impressed.

Menstrual Disc VS Cup

Overall, I wont be ditching my other cups and reaching for the disc for every bleed – but I will be reaching for it when sex is on the cards. This was a massive selling point for me. I think it makes it well worth the investment just to be able to have “mess-free period sex” as an option.