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Cherrelle Slaney

Cherrelle Slaney

*that’s sha-RELL slay-NEE.

just your friendly neighbourhood period pal

I’m a menstrual cycle awareness coach who helps people with periods to understand and navigate the emotional ups and downs of having a uterus.

So, what exactly does that mean…

I support people with periods who are struggling with the less-than-desirable side effects of going through their monthly(ish) cycle.

I help people to

calm their premenstrual anger

cope with premenstrual anxiety

increase their self esteem

set healthy boundaries

deal with negative thoughts

find effective coping strategies

It almost feels like I fell into this work by accident

I used to be a person who really didn’t understand themselves. Why did I feel great one minute then anxious the next? Why did I feel so confident, then have some kind of nervous breakdown? Why was I so up and down all the time? Was there something wrong with me?

I was listening to a podcast one day (way back in 2015) when I heard about this thing called menstrual cycle awareness. As I listened I felt so seen. It was as if my whole life was being described to me. For the first time in my life I felt like there wasn’t something wrong with me. I wasn’t crazy or broken – I was misunderstood.

In that moment everything fell into place. My existence suddenly made so much more sense. And so, I practiced this thing called “menstrual cycle awareness”. Within a few months I was able to pinpoint a pattern. A really fucking predictable pattern! One that I wished someone had told me about years before.

that’s when I knew I had to start shouting about this life changing stuff

Since then I’ve had dozens of conversations with people who also wished someone had taught them what it means to have a menstrual cycle from the very beginning.

After monitoring my cycle for the last couple of months… I know where I am with it now.

– donna

Thank you for making me evaluate my periods.

– siobhan

I was enslaved to my cycle for years… I think what you do is so important.

– Jodie

But, how?

Figuring out your menstrual cycle doesn’t have to be scary or difficult

From ‘A Life In Sync’ podcast, to eBooks & audiobooks, to journals and trackers, to in-person workshops and coaching – there are lots of ways you can learn to live a life that makes more sense to you.

tips, tricks & resources

Snippets of wisdom to help you understand your cycle.

Raw, honest encounters of the menstrual kind.

All you need from cycle tracking to living your best life.