how to use the

Menstrual Cycle Affirmation Deck

The deck can be used as a whole deck – simply pick a card at random and read the affirmation out loud.

It can also be split into 4 smaller decks – one for each of the cycle seasons.

You can tell which card refers to which cycle season by looking carefully at the design on the front of the card.

Cards with a sunflower design correspond to the Summer season (ovulation).

Cards with a falling leaf design correspond to the Autumn season (premenstrual).

Cards with a snowdrop design correspond to the Winter season (menstruation).

And, finally – cards with a shooting leaf design correspond to the Spring season (pre-ovulation).

If you choose to use the deck as a whole and pull a card that does not correspond to the season you’re currently in – don’t sweat it. I’ll bet the Universe has directed you to that card for a reason.

If you downloaded the digital version of this deck, watch the video below for a tutorial on how to assemble your cards.