Go With Your Flow

Go With Your Flow - the eBook

Are you fed up with unpredictable moods that leave you questioning who you are? Wouldn’t it be nice to live a life where you feel in control of your emotions?

There’s a reason you experience PMS and mood swings – your hormones. They affect everything from your self confidence, your relationships and even your parenting style. You feel like you’re not quite the person you want to be and it leaves you feeling frustrated and out of control. You deserve to live a life that is less stressful, more balanced and a whole lot happier.

trust me, I get it

I spent most of my adult life angry, confused and “hormonal”. I was argumentative for no reason, and I would become so full of anxiety and panic that I ceased to function as a reasonable human being. It affected my parenting, my marriage and ultimately my sense of self worth.

Since learning how my cycle works, and understanding what I can do to support my emotional needs throughout it – my life has changed. I’m less snappy with my kids. I’m more communicative with my husband. I’m a happier and calmer person.

“It really is unlike me to read 90 odd pages in one sitting but it was such an easy and informative read I couldn’t not carry on to the end.”

– Donna

“I loved your real talk attitude to the menstrual cycle!”

– amy

“It makes soooo much sense and really helps to give clarity and understanding to your own menstrual cycle. I don’t feel crazy anymore. EVERY person who has a period should read this.”

– Sam

go with your flow - the ebook

This eBook was written to be a simple, easy-to-digest guide for those who are ready to bring a little more balance into their lives. This eBook can help you to:

so, you ready?

If you think it’s time to go from moody, hormonal and stressed out AF to a calmer, less stressed version of yourself – this eBook is your starting point. It’s time to gain a little more self compassion, a lot less mood swings and better relationships with yourself and others.