your current cycle phase is: Premenstrual

The premenstrual phase, often referred to as PMS territory or hell week. It’s that time of the month after you’ve ovulated but before your period – and to say it’s something of a slippery slope kinda feels like an understatement. Your period is drawing near and with each passing day you want to gouge someone’s eye out more and more.

The thing about PMS territory, is that it’s kinda gotten a bad rap. You’re more sensitive than usual, people have suddenly decided that you’re “irrational” and “crazy” and all you really want to do is go and lie down in a quiet room and eat your pasta in peace. It feels like your fuse is shorter than a 90’s mini skirt and everything is grinding your gears.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though. Premenstrual time is all about learning to work with the energy you have. It’s about actually does come with some benefits – if you know where to look for them.

Your premenstrual self is really good at spotting a red flag – like from a mile off. If something’s off – your PMS self is gonna know about it. And, although brain fog might have you struggling with spreadsheets, your premenstrual brain is actually really good at analytical thinking. You can use these things as your PMS superpowers – but also, maybe clock off by 3pm because your bed is calling to you.