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Cherrelle Slaney

How PMDD Caused Me To Make A Horrible Split Second Decision

I'm welcoming back A Life In Sync Podcast and giving you the lowdown on how my PMDD caused me to make a split second decision to close down my entire business.

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In this episode I am walking you through how PMDD caused me to make a horrible split second decision that saw my business, my podcast and the life I was building for myself come crashing to the ground. I went from being happy in my work, to a serious bout of imposter syndrome, fuelled by my cycle, that lead to me throwing away everything I had worked for.

I am a menstrual cycle coach/educator/strategist – honestly, I’m still toying with my official job title. Essentially what is means is, I am someone who has ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to living with PMDD. I’ve found ways to make it easier by using a cycle syncing and I want to help you do the same.

Am I here to talk about period medical issues? In a nutshell, no. I’m not a doctor. I’m not medically trained in any way. It would be wrong of me to offer out advice I’m not qualified for. The same applies to fertility. By all means, if you’re TTC – you’re welcome to stick around, but it’s not the primary focus of what I do. What I can do is share my experiences with you in the hope that you find some comfort in knowing you are not alone.

I am here to talk you through the emotional ups and downs that come with your cycle. I’m betting you’re familiar with the idea that PMS brings a whole load of hormonal craziness with it, but do you know just how deep the rabbit hole goes? Your cycle affects literally every single thing you do, in ways you’ve probably never realised before.

You might remember A Life In Sync – this is the second iteration of this podcast. The irony of why this podcast closed and then relaunched is detailed in this episode. And it’s also the reason why I feel more called than ever to do this work. I can’t wait for you to give it a listen.

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I think what you do it so helpful and important. I wish I’d known more about my cycle in my twenties. Well bloody done!

– jodie

This was so easy to listen to. Its real and raw and honest. I genuinely really enjoyed and appreciated that.

– Karly

Thank you for the podcast – every word you said was SO relatable. Now I am doing everything I can to get control over PMDD.

– Ruth