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Cherrelle Slaney

Are Menstrual Cycles and Periods The Same?

In this episode I'm disecting the myth that your menstrual cycle is all about your period. In fact, I'm way less concerned with your period and more interested in how the cycle affects you as a whole.

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In this episode I’m asking (and answering) the question ‘Is a menstrual cycle the same as a period?’ I dive deep into what a menstrual cycle actually is, what it isn’t and why you should be tracking your cycle as a whole.

It’s generally acknowledged that your period is the most important part of your menstrual cycle, but I’m here to bust that myth and show you that ovulation, premenstruum and everything in between is equally important. I’ll go into the 4 menstrual cycle phases, what they are and what you can generally expect to feel through each one.

I’m also sharing some analogies to help you make more sense of each phase and helping you understand exactly why the contraceptive pill won’t help you regulate your cycle. Give this episode a listen – it’s a good one!

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the menstrual cycle quiz

Each phase of your menstrual cycle can tell you something different about yourself. Not sure what phase you’re in?

I think what you do it so helpful and important. I wish I’d known more about my cycle in my twenties. Well bloody done!

– jodie

This was so easy to listen to. Its real and raw and honest. I genuinely really enjoyed and appreciated that.

– Karly

Thank you for the podcast – every word you said was SO relatable. Now I am doing everything I can to get control over PMDD.

– Ruth