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Cherrelle Slaney

Winter & Spring Cycle Season Deep Dive

In this episode I am going deep into the menstrual (that's your period) and pre-ovulatory phases of your cycle, what they mean for you and how that plays out into your everyday life.

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In this episode I’m talking you through the first cycle seasons, what they are and what you can expect from each. In all honesty, I’d planned to go through all four seasons but once I started recording I knew I need to break this one down into 2 episodes. There’s just so much to say about each season!

You’ll hear about the tiredness that comes from menstruation, along with the clarity of thought that accompanies it, as well as what the Spring season looks like with it’s fun and carefree vibes. And, of course, if you’re not sure which season you’re in right now, I have a quiz to help you figure it out.

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the menstrual cycle quiz

Each phase of your menstrual cycle can tell you something different about yourself. Not sure what phase you’re in?

I think what you do it so helpful and important. I wish I’d known more about my cycle in my twenties. Well bloody done!

– jodie

This was so easy to listen to. Its real and raw and honest. I genuinely really enjoyed and appreciated that.

– Karly

Thank you for the podcast – every word you said was SO relatable. Now I am doing everything I can to get control over PMDD.

– Ruth