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Cherrelle Slaney

Summer & Autumn Cycle Seasons Deep Dive

Following on from the previous episode, I'm talking all about the Summer and Autumn Seasons. I discuss what these phases look like, what pitfalls you might encounter and what I think it is that really causes PMS.

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Following on from the previous episode, this two-parter is guiding you through each of the 4 menstrual cycle seasons. Last time we discussed the first two seasons, Winter and Spring. Now we’re taking a deep dive into Summer and Autumn.

I’m discussing how the Summer season might have you feeling super confident and maybe a little bit kinky, as well as walking you through how to make the most of your high vibe summer energy. 

And of course, I couldn’t do a cycle season deep dive without spending a good portion of time talking about everything that is the Autumn phase, AKA: PMS territory. Find out why anger and anxiety often show up here and how you can use self care to make those symptoms a little bit easier.


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the menstrual cycle quiz

Each phase of your menstrual cycle can tell you something different about yourself. Not sure what phase you’re in?

I think what you do it so helpful and important. I wish I’d known more about my cycle in my twenties. Well bloody done!

– jodie

This was so easy to listen to. Its real and raw and honest. I genuinely really enjoyed and appreciated that.

– Karly

Thank you for the podcast – every word you said was SO relatable. Now I am doing everything I can to get control over PMDD.

– Ruth