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Cherrelle Slaney

Bonus Episode: Q&A

In this episode I’m answering some questions that I’ve come across in the wider community. I’m covering what impact diet culture and the patriarchy have on your cycle as well as discussing the impoartance of setting good boundaries.

What is cycle tracking?

In this episode I’m walking you through what cycle charting is, how to do it and what impact it can have on your life.

What is the difference between PMS and PMDD?

In this episode I’m chatting to you about what PMS is, what PMDD isn’t and how there’s an intersect between what we deem as normal, not normal and how that relates to the way the cycle works.

Summer & Autumn Cycle Seasons Deep Dive

Following on from the previous episode, I’m talking all about the Summer and Autumn Seasons. I discuss what these phases look like, what pitfalls you might encounter and what I think it is that really causes PMS.

Winter & Spring Cycle Season Deep Dive

In this episode I am going deep into the menstrual (that’s your period) and pre-ovulatory phases of your cycle, what they mean for you and how that plays out into your everyday life.

Are Menstrual Cycles and Periods The Same?

In this episode I’m disecting the myth that your menstrual cycle is all about your period. In fact, I’m way less concerned with your period and more interested in how the cycle affects you as a whole.

A Life In Sync – Trailer

After a long haitus, several PMDD induced episodes of self doubt and after having a firm word with myself – A Life In Sync podcast is coming back!